Monday, August 17, 2020

DANG I'm bad at keeping up with this!!! But here's more two cents about book drama.

Hey, y'all! I know, it's been a while. I've been buried in the writing cave, and I've got some SUPER exciting news to share soon (and a LONG blog post to explain it). 

But, in the meantime, I feel the need to add my two cents about the drama in the indie romance book world. I've been doing the indie publishing thing for a few years now, and I've unfortunately seen both sides of this world. I've met some absolutely wonderful people who have become dear friends, and I've also met some...not so nice people.

Before I get into this, I do need to note that my perspective on the current situation is not entirely unbiased. I met Andi Jaxon through some mutual friends several months ago, and she's one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know in the crazy world of indie publishing. I'm proud to call her my friend, and I stand by her 100% in this madness. I'm heartened to see how many people have rallied together to support her. It's things like this that give me hope for humanity again.

That being said, here's my two cents on the current book title drama that Andi has unfortunately found herself in the middle of. There's another reason I have a skewed perspective on the situation, and it's because of the way I've chosen to brand my work.

My Sealed With a Kiss series has some fairly unique titles that I've been using a formula for since book one. Those titles are part of a brand that I've worked to build, and I put a lot of thought into each and every one of the titles for this series to make sure that it's consistent with the series brand and that it fits the book's story line. Just ask my amazing alpha readers how much thought I put into the titles, because they've helped me come up with some of them. I've gotta say, I'm actually impressed that I managed to come up with so many "Sealed" titles. It definitely wasn't easy.

"My lips are sealed" and "my fate is sealed" are both common phrases independent of this series. They just happened to work perfectly for Zoe and Elijah's books. If someone wanted to take one of those common phrases and make it their own like I did, I would have absolutely no problem with it. If someone asked me if I was okay with them using the titles Falling Angel or What Doesn't Kill You (the names of my unrelated standalone books for those of you who don't know), I wouldn't care about that either. I don't own the English language or those phrases. I'd even suggest cross-promoting each other's books and come up with a clever hashtag like #titletwinning or something. (Actually...I really like that! Anyone wanna name their book Falling Angel, What Doesn't Kill You, My Lips Are Sealed, or My Fate Is Sealed so we can use that hashtag? 😂)

But if someone were to send me a message asking if I was okay with them using one of my more unique Sealed With a Kiss titles (like, say, My Heart Is Sealed or My Dreams Are Sealed) for their book? That's a different story. Those titles are part of the branding of my series and I've worked hard to build said brand. So, in that case, I would tell the person that I would really prefer it if they didn't use that title and explain my reasoning. HOWEVER, I realize I don't own those titles. The decision to use the title is ultimately that author's prerogative, and if they did choose to move forward with using the title, I certainly wouldn't make a huge stink about it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I understand J.A. Huss getting upset that Andi Jaxon wanted to use the same title as one of her books. But there is absolutely NO excuse for handling it like she did. Andi was polite and extended professional courtesy by even asking her about using the title in the first place. And all Ms. Huss had to say was, "Thanks for asking me first. Because our books are releasing so close to each other, I would really prefer if you didn't use the same title." Boom. Done. You've said what you needed to say and still come across as a decent human being.

Talking down to someone and cursing up a storm at them for asking a simple question is not okay. And, when someone inevitably calls you out on what is, frankly, childish behavior, digging your heels in and resorting to name-calling is not okay. Ms. Huss acted like a common schoolyard bully, despite using grown-up words. Calling someone a "cunty bitch" instead of calling them a "doodyhead" doesn't make you an adult. Telling an outright lie and saying that someone's scared of you when nothing that was said supports that is classic bully behavior. Deleting all dissenting comments on a post and ostracizing anyone who dares call you out on your inappropriate behavior is petty high school mean girl behavior. And none of it is okay.

I applaud Andi Jaxon for handling this godawful situation with so much dignity. Only AFTER her inbox blew up over this situation did she go public and make a post about it. When people showed an overwhelming amount of support for her, she made it a point to thank them for it and she also made it a point to say that she does NOT want anyone retaliating against Ms. Huss for this. She doesn't want people engaging with Ms. Huss's supporters and she doesn't want people leaving negative reviews on her books. She's asked for people to show their support in a positive manner.

The romance genre is about love in all shapes and sizes. When a member of a community that's dedicated to telling stories about love and giving us happily ever afters to swoon over decides to get a big head and act like they're above other people, it hurts my heart. We're better than this, Romancelandia. We are not each other's competition. We need to lift each other up, not tear each other down.

Oh, also? I was privileged to beta read a short story for an anthology featuring Jonah and Roman, the characters in Andi's upcoming book, Bully King, and it was amazing! I can't wait to read their full story. I've pre-ordered my copy of Bully King, and you can do the same HERE!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Game of Love

Hey, guys. I'm back, and this time, it IS with a blog post that's shorter than a novella! I know, shocker. LOL!!!

Anyway, what's Game of Love, and why am I writing a blog post about it? I'm glad you asked. I threw a little announcement at the end of a recent blog post, but now that I've gotten my ducks in a row, I'm going to expand on that announcement a little.

Game of Love is a series of standalone sports romances that was born from the book What Doesn't Kill You. It was going to be a trilogy, but then a couple of other characters decided they wanted books too, so it's actually turning into a five-book series (as of right now--but if what happened with Sealed With a Kiss is any indication, it might grow again). 

Because the Sealed With a Kiss series has turned into something MUCH bigger than what I anticipated, I'm not going to make you wait for me to finish those books before I start on this series. I'm going to be releasing these books in between installments of Sealed With a Kiss. The second book, Braden's story, will be my first book of 2021, and I'm hoping for a release date around Valentine's Day, but nothing's set in stone yet. My publishing schedule for this year is full already with Elijah's final book, two of the Sealed With a Kiss standalones, and another top secret project that I'm not allowed to talk about yet.

I've gone ahead and added the books to Goodreads, and they'll be updated with release info as it comes. But in the meantime, you can add them all to your TBR (and read What Doesn't Kill You to get caught up)!

1. What Doesn't Kill You (Kyler and Ian--friends-to-lovers football romance)
2. Under My Skin (Gabrielle and Braden--enemies-to-lovers football romance)
3. Playing for Keeps (Melissa and Liam--best friend's brother baseball romance)
4. Finding My Spirit (Hannah and Travis--friends-to-lovers cheerleading romance)
5. Changing My Rhythm (Izzie and Hillary--F/F awakening dance romance)

Thursday, December 12, 2019

My Two Cents

*takes a deep breath* I was going to keep quiet about this subject. Really, I was. But the more drama and controversy that gets stirred up about it, but more I feel like I need to say something.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say we all know about the controversy happening in the indie romance world right now, right? If not, there's a certain book that Amazon removed for violating its terms of service. I'm not going to name the book or the author here, because, frankly, I don't want to drive people to go looking for this book, but also because I'm not the kind of person who wants to publicly bash someone.

Before I dive into this, let me be very clear about something. I do NOT support the complete removal of this book from Amazon. Freedom of expression is still a very real thing, and anyone can write about anything they choose to. I'm not saying that the censorship that happened was right. Amazon should have given the author the option to put it in a more appropriate category before it was completely taken down from the site. However, I feel that it was handled poorly by the author, for two reasons.

First of all, this book should not have been marketed as contemporary romance and uploaded to Amazon as a contemporary romance. "Dark romance"? Possibly. "Crime romance"? Maybe. "Crime"? Abso-freaking-lutely. Because, like it or not, the relationship that takes place in this book IS a crime. The ages of the characters in question makes it statutory rape. And if this book had been categorized and marketed appropriately, it wouldn't have been removed.  

Second of all, while there was a statement at the beginning of the book stating that it was meant to take you out of your comfort zone and show how a relationship of this particular dynamic could lead to something more, there was NOT a trigger warning. And sex acts between a minor and someone in their thirties could ABSOLUTELY be a trigger for people. Perhaps people who were molested as children. Or people who were sexually assaulted as teenagers. There should have been a specific trigger warning stating this at the beginning of the book, the same as if the book contained an attempted suicide or domestic violence.

Now, before you say that I shouldn't talk about things I know nothing about because I haven't read the book, let me clear something up. I HAVE read the book. Or at least as much of it as I could stomach before I got too uncomfortable to continue. And let me just say, it takes a LOT to make me uncomfortable. I'll read just about anything. Taboo romance? Bring it on! The more forbidden, the better. I love student/teacher, stepsibling, dad's best friend, and even stepparent on occasion (though for this trope, it really depends how it's done). Dark romance? Sure, why not? It's fiction.

But this book? It's not just taboo. It's not just forbidden. The relationship that is depicted in this book is one hundred percent illegal. And I'm not sure who started the rumor going around that there's no actual sex in this book and therefore it's not illegal, but that is completely FALSE! There IS real, honest-to-God, "tab A into slot B" sex in this book. I read it myself (and that was the point at which I called it quits, actually--not because of the fact that the sex happened, but because of the way it was written and what was said right before they had sex).

I'm not going to say anything about the content of this book in this blog post, because the content, while it made me uncomfortable personally, is not what I'm taking issue with. However, I do want to point out ONE factual error that was made in the book. Because of the way Zoe and Elijah's story began, I did a little research about the consent laws in the state of Florida, which coincidentally is also where this story takes place. And the facts that are stated in the book about the consent laws in that state are not correct. They state that the age of consent is sixteen, but until you're eighteen, you can only have sex with someone four years older than you. The bottom line is that the relationship depicted in this book is illegal, but if you're going to go quoting laws, at least do a little research and make sure you're quoting accurate information.

From the Age of Consent website, here is the actual Florida consent law, in black and white. If the screenshot image is a little blurry for you, it says that the legal age of consent in Florida is eighteen, but minors aged sixteen and seventeen can have sex with partners no older than twenty-three.

Now, before you say I'm completely unsympathetic to the situation this particular author is in, I'm not. In fact, I went through something similar, though on a MUCH smaller scale. Around the time I published My Fate Is Sealed, I had a fellow writer, someone I considered a friend, decide that she was going to trash my books all over social media and say that Zoe and Elijah's relationship is "wrong" because it made HER uncomfortable (and given some things she went through in her life, I absolutely understand why she was uncomfortable with it). Did she try to get my books taken down from Amazon? Thank God, no. But it still stung. Big time. I was still trying to figure out exactly how to break into the market at the time, and I'm positive it cost me some sales. So I can vaguely imagine how this author feels right about now.

I'm all for the "if you don't like something, don't read it" frame of mind. That's what I tell people about my books, because I understand they're not for everyone. And that's what I did when I got too uncomfortable with this book to continue. Though I have personal feelings about the content of this book, I am NOT taking issue with the content here. To each their own. If you read this book and liked the story, that's great. I'm glad you found a book you loved.

The issue I'm taking here is with the way this author marketed the book in question. Marketing a book that is clearly not "contemporary romance" as such in order to get more sales is not okay. Not including trigger warnings where appropriate is not okay. And what happened with this book is a prime example of that. You'll get people downloading it who are triggered by the content and will report the book for a violation of the terms of service (and in the category this book was put in, it is in fact a violation of Amazon's terms of service). You risk getting your book removed from the site completely. And you'll also risk alienating yourself from readers who might have read your other works even if they didn't like the content of one particular book. You'll get people who are so turned off by what they read that they won't even give you another chance.

If this book had been marketed properly, as a dark romance or as a crime romance (is that even a thing?), this author could have attracted the kind of reader who would have devoured their book and been begging for more. Instead, they got their book removed from Amazon and a few other stores entirely and are now having to figure out where they CAN sell the book as it's currently written.

Write what you want to write. No one's stopping you from doing that. And no one's stopping you from trying to make money with your stories. But market your books appropriately and include trigger warnings where appropriate, so you're attracting the right kind of reader. The kind of reader that will buy and enjoy your book for what it is. Don't put it into a category it doesn't belong in to try to drive sales and try to get people to buy it because they believe it's something it's not. That's bad business, and it'll only hurt you in the end.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

ALL the Book News!

Okay, so this took a little longer than I expected it to. But I've got a couple of things to share with you guys about what's coming up in the world of Carmen Richter books! You ready? Because there's a bunch of exciting stuff happening.

First of all, as you probably know by now, Elijah's second book, My Soul Is Sealed, is out in the wild! (What? You haven't gotten your copy yet? GET IT NOW!) And, since I've gotten a decent amount of the way into his last book, My Dreams Are Sealed, I decided to set a release date for that and put a pre-order in the back of My Soul Is Sealed. Because, well, sorry to say, but Soul ends on a cliffhanger just like Heart did. As of right now, the release date for Dreams is March 26th, 2020, but that may end up getting moved up a little, depending on how quickly I finish writing it. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE.

Let me tell you a little bit about My Dreams Are Sealed. It's NOT the same story you know from Zoe's perspective. I mean, yes, you see some of the same events. But you'll also find out a lot more about everything that happened to Elijah while he and Zoe were apart, and you'll get to see his thoughts and feelings as his whole world gets turned upside-down. Oh, and? You'll get to find out something HUGE in the epilogue. Something that changes everything you thought you knew about one of the supporting characters. You'll also find out what happened to Zoe and Elijah's stalker in the epilogue of this book. (Don't worry, you'll get a nice, fluffy, mushy bonus epilogue to make up for the bombshells I'm going to drop in the main epilogue. Haha.) I'm a little less than halfway done with the rough draft right now, and OMG! This book is breaking me a little, and it's challenging me in ways I never anticipated it would. It's already intense, and it's just going to get more intense before they get their happy ending. I'm just saying, my betas have learned to keep some tissues handy while they're reading the chapters I've been sending them. And the chapter I wrote last night made ME cry, and I barely ever cry while I'm writing.

Since the cover for Dreams is just the cover for Future with a different background color, I'm not going to do an official cover reveal for it. But I do love how it turned out with the blue background, so I'm going to go ahead and share it now. Here it is!

I also have one more announcement to make about the Sealed With a Kiss series. Namely, it's growing! Yes, again. I've been struggling with whether to write the stories for a few other couples we see in the books for a while. Even though their entire stories were basically all mapped out in my mind, I resisted the idea because this series was already going to be twelve books long and I didn't want to make it longer. But when these couples just refused to shut up, I gave in and agreed to write their stories too (and now I'm regretting it, because I'm having a hard time getting them to shut up so I can write the numerous stories that are coming before them lol). So, here's a new complete list of all of the books in the series, complete with the tropes you can look forward to!

  1. My Lips Are Sealed (Zoe #1--student/teacher)
  2. My Heart Is Sealed (Zoe #2--romantic suspense)
  3. My Future Is Sealed (Zoe #3--romantic suspense)
  4. My Fate Is Sealed (Elijah #1--student/teacher)
  5. My Bonds Are Sealed (River and Mason--friends-to-lovers)
  6. My Soul Is Sealed (Elijah #2--romantic suspense)
  7. My Dreams Are Sealed (Elijah #3--romantic suspense)
  8. My Pride Is Sealed (Maddie and Autumn--F/F romance)
  9. My Past Is Sealed (Kelly and Shane--domestic abuse survivor)
  10. My Choice Is Sealed (Abby and Nick--surprise pregnancy)
  11. Our Years Are Sealed (Megan and Rob--age gap)
  12. My Role Is Sealed (Grant and Bryce--M/M romance)
  13. Our Worlds Are Sealed (Beth and Gabby--F/F romance)
  14. My Doors Are Sealed (Sadie and Keith--stepsibling)
  15. Our Parts Are Sealed (Colleen and Kevin--roommates-to-lovers)
I hope you guys are as excited as I am about what's coming for this series! I can't wait to dive in to all of these standalones! Also, I have to say I'm a little impressed with myself that I was able to come up with that many different "Sealed" titles. 😂

But wait! There's more! I'm also working on another top-secret project with some friends that will be announced in January. All I'm allowed to say right now is that it's a rock star romance, but completely different from how you're used to seeing rock star romance written. I've also started a medical romance that probably won't be released for a while. It's loosely based on my own medical journey, and it's TOUGH to write because it's tough talking so openly about the medical horrors I've gone through.

Now here's the part you guys are probably going to be more excited about than anything else. I'm going to be turning What Doesn't Kill You into the first book in a trilogy of sports standalones! (I have yet to name the trilogy, but I'm kind of liking the ring to Game of Love. Too cheesy? Let me know what you think! Or, even better, suggest a name for the trilogy! There just might be a little sumthin' sumthin' in it for you if I decide to use your suggestion. 😉) That means that Braden and Melissa are both getting their own books. I don't know a lot about their stories yet, but I do know that Braden's girl's name is Gabrielle and that's going to be an enemies-to-lovers football romance. And I haven't named Melissa's man yet, but it's going to be a baseball romance about her college bestie's brother. These books will be released in between Sealed With a Kiss installments, so you don't have to wait until that series is over to see more of your favorite What Doesn't Kill You sidekicks. I haven't decided where exactly to break up the Sealed With a Kiss standalone releases yet, so I don't have a timeline quite yet. Sorry. 😕

So, yeah, lots of exciting stuff coming up. I'll be busy for a while! Haha. But I'm having a blast writing, so hopefully you're having a blast reading too! Catch you later! Hopefully with a blog post that's shorter than a novella. 😂

Monday, November 25, 2019

Important My Lips Are Sealed Announcement!

Hey, everyone. Dang, I'm bad at keeping this blog updated! I'm going to be making another post in a day or two to tell you about a lot of exciting things in the Sealed With a Kiss world, but right now, I have an important announcement to make about the very first book in that series, My Lips Are Sealed. Namely, it's gotten a little bit of an...upgrade. What does that mean? Well, I re-vamped the sex scenes and made them better.

I can hear you now. "But...Carmen! We want My Dreams Are Sealed! We need to know how Elijah's story ends! Why are you going back and making changes to your first book, which has been out for over two years???" Well, that's why I'm writing this blog post. To explain that decision to you.

Here's the thing. When I first started writing Zoe and Elijah's story, I was so scared to write the sex scenes. I kept thinking, "Oh, my God! What if someone I know reads this? They'll see me writing all these steamy sex scenes and they'll think I'm some sort of nymphomaniac! I can't let them read that! I have to make the sex scenes tasteful." And I was also so scared of how this story would be received, with the fact that it was set in a high school and not a college, that I didn't want to add to that by giving a seventeen-year-old some super-hot sex scene. So I figured I could kind of skirt around it and just vaguely mention the sex. I remember thinking I was crossing a line writing the word "nipple." I wish I was joking.

Cut to two years later. I've gotten a LOT more confident in my writing abilities, and I've gotten a lot more comfortable writing sex scenes. I've also written another high school romance, What Doesn't Kill You. And I learned a LOT writing What Doesn't Kill You. I learned that a high school romance can still have beautiful, intimate, steamy love scenes without it being inappropriate. Because you know what? Sex is a beautiful and natural part of love. And as I've written all of these books, I cringed going back and reading the sex scenes in My Lips Are Sealed. Compared to the rest of my writing, those scenes read like they were written by a fifteen-year-old virgin daydreaming about their first time and scared to refer to any actual body parts.

So, recently, especially since I've been marketing the Sealed With a Kiss series so much, my thoughts have again drifted to, "Oh, my God! What if someone I know reads this?" Except for this time, I was worried about them reading the book I published. I wished they could be reading the book I wanted to write in the first place. The book I was scared to write. The book that told the most honest story about Zoe's experience that it could have told. Complete with the beautiful, passionate, steamy, romantic first time that Elijah did everything in his power to give her and her nerves as she gave her first blow job. 

But I kept justifying that book to myself. "Well, it was my first book. Everyone's scared to write sex at first, right? People will understand that, right? They'll see that it was my first book and they'll still give me a shot, right?"

Then the nightmare happened. One of my friends actually did pick up My Lips Are Sealed and read it. She read those godawful sex scenes, and I was like, "Yeah, don't tell me. I know it's horrible. I promise it gets better in the rest of the series." And she said, "Look, this book is good. It's really good. You can tell it's your early writing compared to What Doesn't Kill You, but it's not the rubbish you seem to think it is. But you're right. Better sex scenes would make this story a lot stronger. Have you considered going back and re-writing those scenes and updating the book?"

And then I couldn't STOP thinking about that. I literally couldn't keep writing My Dreams Are Sealed because I couldn't stop thinking about this book. I freaked out over it to some friends, including the one who read the crap version. And I decided just to do it. I'd already expanded on the scenes for Elijah's book, so I even knew EXACTLY what happened in those sex scenes. I just had to go back and write it from Zoe's perspective. And I got in the zone and ended up staying up until five in the morning re-writing their first time. I sent the scene to my friend who read the crap version, and because she's in Australia and it wasn't stupid o'clock in the morning, she read it immediately and came back twenty minutes later with, "OMG that is SOOOOOO much better!" Did the same thing with the blow job scene and sent that to her. Again, "YES! This is what this story needs!" And that sold it for me. I had to put THOSE scenes in the book. The other sex scene that was there? Well, Elijah glossed over it in his version, so I just decided to have Zoe do the exact same thing. And you know what? It's SO much better in that particular part of the book. It actually makes more sense NOT going into detail there.

I was planning on just quietly slipping the changes in the file and then announcing it later when I made another big announcement about the whole series (yeah, there's another announcement coming--but I'm gonna let you sweat over that one for a bit because I'm still ironing out some kinks). But then I thought, "Why? What am I waiting for?" So, I'm not waiting. I'm telling you now. There's a new and improved version of My Lips Are Sealed! A version that, finally, I'm proud to have my friends and family read. A version that, finally, I'm proud to distribute to the world.

For those of you who have already downloaded My Lips Are Sealed from an ebook retailer, I really want to make sure that you have a chance to read the updated version, and unfortunately, most of those retailers don't push the updated versions of books. So, here's my gift to you: the version of Zoe's story that you deserved to read the first time. The version that she deserved to have told the first time. Those of you who read My Lips Are Sealed the first time and were turned off by the awful sex scenes, I hope you'll give it another chance now. Those who one-clicked and downloaded it because it was free, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet, PLEASE download and read this version instead. I promise, it's SO much better than the one you have sitting on your e-reader.


Big, huge shout-out to Jacinta, who challenged me to do right by Zoe and beta read the revised scenes for me. And another huge shout-out to Katey, who put up with my nervous breakdown over nothing and talked me off the ledge. I love you girls to pieces and I'm so glad you came into my life when you did!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Sealed With a Kiss stuff

Hey guys! So, I've got lots of exciting news for the Sealed With a Kiss series. First of all, I have all of the titles and stories finalized, and a lot of the supporting characters are getting their own books. I'm going to share all of them with you, and I've also added all of them to Goodreads so you can add them to your WTR list there. So, here's the full list of books that will be in the series, released and still to come). Add them all on Goodreads here!

  1. My Lips Are Sealed (Zoe #1)
  2. My Heart Is Sealed (Zoe #2)
  3. My Future Is Sealed (Zoe #3)
  4. My Fate Is Sealed (Elijah #1)
  5. My Bonds Are Sealed (River and Mason)
  6. My Soul Is Sealed (Elijah #2--Coming November 21, 2019)
  7. My Dreams Are Sealed (Elijah #3--TBD)
  8. My Pride Is Sealed (Maddie and Autumn--TBD)
  9. My Past Is Sealed (Kelly and Shane--TBD)
  10. My Choice Is Sealed (Abby and Nick--TBD)
  11. Our Years Are Sealed (Megan and Rob--TBD)
  12. My Role Is Sealed (Grant and Bryce--TBD)

That leads me into the other two announcements I have about Sealed With a Kiss stuff. First of all, My Soul Is Sealed has a release date! It will be coming to you on November 21st, with ARCs going out around Halloween. If you want to qualify to receive an advance copy of this book, it's preferable if you've read the whole series, but you at least need to have read Elijah's first book, My Fate Is Sealed. Otherwise, a lot of the stuff he says won't make a lot of sense to you.

Second, yes, Grant and Bryce are getting their own book, My Role Is Sealed. When I decided to write books for some of the supporting characters, I thought about giving Grant his own book with Bryce because I love Grant so much. But I really fought against the idea for a while, because the idea of writing a M/M romance scared the hell out of me. I'm still scared of it, honestly, but I'm also really excited to get to know Grant and Bryce better. I saved it for last, though, because I think I'm going to need some time to mentally prepare myself, and I'm also going to need some time to do some research and read at least a couple of M/M books to get an idea of what I want to do with their story and how I want to approach it.

Anyway, lots of exciting stuff coming up for this series, and I can't wait to share it all with you. I'm mostly done with the rough draft of My Soul Is Sealed and I'm super excited about how it's turning out. Because I just can't wait to share a little of it with you, here are a couple of teaser graphics that I made.

Friday, June 7, 2019


Yep, twice in one day. Lucky you. 😜 But I thought this warranted a separate blog. So, to pick up a little extra cash, I've started editing and formatting novels. Since I write romance, obviously that's what I'm most comfortable editing, but I will edit any genre. I'm going to post a link in the sidebar to my Fiverr page for editing, but I'm also going to post my prices right here. I'm aiming to price myself at a point where new authors who can't afford an arm and a leg for an editor can still get a quality job done. So, here's my price scale:

Up to 80k words: $300
81-100k words: $400
100-150k words: $500
Each additional 5k words: $25

Formatting ebook and paperback: $75 by itself or $50 if I edit the book.

If you'd like to talk to me about editing your book, you can email me at or click here to go to my Fiverr page.